About Hundred Percent Cotton

About Hundred Percent Cotton

This website is a project that is starting  in hopes of collecting a variety of information about cotton that would be of general interest on one site. Although I am starting it solo, I hope to convince several friends to join the effort that will share information on how cotton is grown, used, and enjoyed.

We (a hopeful we) will be writing and stubbing articles that discuss all areas of cotton — starting with the farmers who plant cotton seed and going throughout the chain that helps turn that fiber into the clothing we purchase for loved ones and ourselves.

janice person JPlovesCOTTONWe aren’t sure exactly how this will work and what will be going up, but as we determine the path more. As we do that, we’ll update this page too!

— Janice Person aka JPlovesCOTTON

See some of the cotton content I previously produced on my personal site.

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