Cotton 101: Who Takes Out the Gin Trash?

Cotton 101: Who Takes Out the Gin Trash?

IMG_5077Okay. Gin Trash. The two words together… gin trash… the number of jokes that you can come up with based on those two simple words… Its unbelievable! BUT this is a Cotton 101 series so I better get back on track.

But let me start by saying the fact that we call it “gin trash” in no way reflects it has the properties of other trash. It’s very much an eco-friendly product of plant parts. And a number of researchers have looked into the potential uses of gin trash.

cotton 101Some of the uses I have heard discussed are mulch/fertilizer, livestock food or building material but a friend of mine recently told me that it was also being used as part of the land forming efforts he had to repair some areas of a field.

So some folks are making one ginner’s trash another man’s treasure I guess.

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