Cotton Gin in Kansas Made Me Pump My Brakes

Cotton Gin in Kansas Made Me Pump My Brakes

This fall, while in Kansas for the State of Now, I took the backroads from Hutchison toward the part of northwestern Oklahoma I called home for four years while I was in college. When I was driving through an “s” curve, I saw this sign and had to stop — yes, the cotton logo had demanded my attention! I thought I’d quickly snap a photo or two and get back on the road, but then a loaded truck came by and I realized the cotton gin was incredibly close. Just felt like I had to stop! Here are the photos I snapped and some of the things I saw that afternoon.

Southern Kansas Cotton Growers Cooperative
Driving down the road, I saw this sign & had to stop — Southern Kansas Cotton Growers Cooperative
Cotton module arrives on the cotton gin grounds
A module truck drove by as I took the photo of the coop’s sign… I knew the gin had to be close by so I followed it! I went into the office while the driver had the module weighed in.
self-portrait Janice Person - modules
Self-portrait (that’s me Janice Person) at a cotton cooperative, modules in the background. It was a really windy day!
cotton module enters a gin
a cotton module (tightly compacted seed cotton straight from the field) enters the gin, and first step is it is pulled apart
cotton gin equipment
These are the gin stands — the equipment that will separate cotton lint from cotton seeds
cotton gin close-up
Closeup of the part of the gin stand that separates lint from seed — those are really small saws that pull the lint through
Cotton gin control panel
Cotton gin control panel
cotton bale press
This is the bale press — the piece of equipment that compacts cotton lint into a bale for storage & transport for use in textiles
Cotton gin mechanic
The gin’s mechanic was working on equipment and was nice enough to stop and visit for a few minutes. The coop has two gins that they alternated running this season. He keeps things in good mechanical order. Months later, I mentioned meeting him and found out that he has sent his kids to some of the most elite universities in the US based on his hard work in the cotton industry. Love that!
cotton bales ready for shipping
cotton bales ready for shipping
identity preserved cotton bale
every bale of cotton in the US gets a permanent bale tag that stays with it from gin to fabric
Cottonseed, gin trash, etc are placed outside the gin until its sold by the truck load.


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  1. What an experience…always looking for new places to visit. My husband loves to take the back roads on adventures and not the main highways. It can be interesting if you are not in a hurry to get some where. Looking forward to retirement to do more trips like this. Thanks for the info.

  2. Thank you Janice for publishing that info. My business (in Western NY) is familiar with and interested in Cotton Bale Tags. I was hunting the web for current images and came upon yours. So, I don’t know if you’ll see this 3+ years after posting your info but I thank you nonetheless.
    With kind regards,

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