The Small Joys of Cotton

The Small Joys of Cotton

I love finding new bloggers and really love it when one of them finds me and connects! That’s what happened a few weeks ago when an Arkansas woman subscribed to my blog. I looked at her blog and thought “Wow. She seems like so many people I know!” Since then comments and emails have gone back and forth and I’m lucky enough to have my new blogging friend Lacey join my “Cotton – Fabric of Our Lives” series with today’s post.

Lacey says she was “born and raised in eastern Arkansas, agriculture is all I know. In 2006, I married an aerial applicator and we now have two beautiful children. I have recently started a blog called The Ag Wife Diaries. In this blog, I express what it is like to be a pilot’s wife and also tell some of my thoughts on life. My purpose for my blog is to connect with other women.” You can also find her blog through the Facebook page for The Ag Wife Diaries.

Talking back and forth, Lacey pointed out that she and her husband are much more connected to rice than my favorite fiber. But when I explained that my series of guest posts ranges dramatically in knowledge of cotton from shoppers to cotton farmers, she said she had a real passion for cotton and started writing….

baby in cotton onesie & socks

cotton diaperbaby photos, cotton clothes

At the age of three I was a huge fan of cotton. I had a 100% cotton diaper I carried around and slept with. I loved that thing and it could not be replaced with any other type of cloth diaper. I know what you are thinking, that is sort of weird. A diaper? Yes, I loved it! It was so soft, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It protected me from monsters and it always had the best scent of home.

I carried the security of cotton into my adult years as well. Cotton plays a huge role in my life as a mother. I have two adorable children, my little boy is four and my baby is seven months. From the start of their lives cotton has been there. Both of my sweet babies were handed to me in a warm cotton blanket and a dainty little cotton hat. For my babies, I always chose cotton onesies and  little cotton socks for their attire. I chose these items because I knew they were the softest and purest fabric for my babies’ sensitive skin.

Lacey of The Ag Wife Diaries & her two precious kidsOh how my kids love bath time! Bath time is a wonderful reminder of how cotton is truly a wonderful fabric. I love getting my kiddos out of the tub and wrapping them in the softest cotton towels I have. I believe my snuggle time is always better at bath time! Just is something about the warmth of a cotton towel.

My husband is a Ag pilot and is so busy in the summer. So family time is very important to us. When we get the chance, the whole family jumps into our king size bed and we cuddle in our cotton sheets!! There is just something about cotton sheets in the summer!! They are so cool and calming!! This make our family’s nap time so comfy and cozy!

If I didn’t have cotton in my life SMALL things just wouldn’t be as precious!! It has been a major part of my life from the beginning! I hope cotton helps build memories for my children!

Cotton really is the fabric of my life!! Cotton is the Fabric of Our Lives guest series


If you have a personal story about your connection to cotton that you would like to share, please do! I have the information needed so you can join my Cotton – Fabric of Our Lives series in this blog post. I would love to hear it and would really love to have it join the voices of people who love cotton!

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  1. What a great post! It’s great to see how much of an effect cotton has on our lives today! We cloth diaper our daughter and love it! What a money saver!

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