Tennessee Cotton Photos from Friends

Tennessee Cotton Photos from Friends

Nutbush, Tennessee cotton gin

Last week I was busily going about things & checked in on Twitter and somehow, almost miraculously I caught two tweets about Tennessee cotton. It was awesome!

First came this one from Shane Kinne with the photo at right.

Shane was down to learn about a cotton gin and although some may wonder what can be learned by visiting a gin in the off-season, I have to tell you it may be the only way to hear from a ginner!

In the peak part of ginning season, ginners are incredibly busy and the equipment is incredibly loud too. You can see some of what Shane saw here in a past post

Later, my good friend Tracey Sullivan aka @aggal77 sent:

With all the flooding we’ve had in our region, seeing a tractor pull a planter is an incredible thing! Of course now, we have degrees in the 50s and cotton likes that less than even I do! (And I’m complaining BIG TIME!)  Young cotton seedlings and I will all be excited to see warmer weather later this week. I am sure I’ll come through relatively unscathed, hope we will be able to say the same for the cotton crop!

It’s amazing how a photo (or in this case two) from friends can put a smile on my face! I may just have to do these more often!

6 thoughts on “Tennessee Cotton Photos from Friends

    1. Thanks! I plan to do just that! Luckily I have lots of farmer friends to help me out. I plan to nab their photos (with permission of course) from Facebook, Twitter, etc. You may find this post interesting as it gives a glimpse of the season in one fell swoop! http://wp.me/pFMs3-1nk

  1. Planting is always an exciting time, it’s such a fresh start for a “new year”… hope we can get our corn in soon. A gin is one that I’ve never visited… may have to look into that!

  2. This prairie girl needs to visit a cotton field and a gin! I might need to make a visit to you soon, JP. Thanks for your all of your wonderful blog posts recently on the flooding in Memphis. I have lived through floods in eastern North Dakota. One in which we lost our home and business and really appreciated all you have been sharing. Plus great media coverage you have gotten! Thanks for linking up last week to my WW. I have another one up today!

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