Top Cotton Blogs You Should be Following

Top Cotton Blogs You Should be Following

When I tell people I write a bunch of blog posts about cotton, I frequently get a quizzical look or a blank stare. Then when I explain a bit more, that I have worked with cotton farmers for a long time and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned. Seems some folks wouldn’t think you could enjoy a fiber crop as much as I do this one and the people who grow it. And yet, I’m not alone.

Before I even get started listing them, I need to say I know I will miss some great bloggers who write about cotton. The great thing is I will keep updating this post so the list will grow! The blogs aren’t listed in any particular order either…. it was as much when I thought of them and where the cursor happened to be on the page as anything.

The Cotton Shedd

The Cotton Shedd by Tiffany SheddTiffany Shedd of The Cotton Shedd in Arizona was brought to my attention years ago because she has such great ideas on decorating with cotton! And almost every time she posts a new creative way to decorate with cotton, someone will stumble on it and send me a link! If you are in the Phoenix area, you may want to watch for occasional workshops she holds where she teaches people to make something like the cotton wreath I have in my stairway. She has a bunch of beautiful greeting cards, coffee mugs, even covers for the iPhone 5 that feature some of her cotton artwork in an online store.

Kissed a Farmer

kissed a farmerYou may remember reading about Suzie & Daniel Wilde before — she wrote a guest post “A Colorful Life of Cotton Memories on a Texas Farm” for the series of posts I have of people who say cotton is the fabric of their lives. Her blog Kissed a Farmer and the Kissed a Farmer Facebook page She grew up the daughter of a cotton ginner and married a cotton farmer. She’s got the crop in her veins as she works in town touching the crop too! Suzie will be celebrating her blog’s one year anniversary soon.

FarmFresh The Blog

Farm FreshKelly Whatley and her family have a cotton farm in South Texas. Her blog FarmFresh includes posts about family, football & farming. She’s a really good photographer and does beautiful cotton photos especially — I mean check out these cotton harvest shots! I’m always blown away by the scale of things in that part of Texas…. check out the planting equipment in this post and the windmills here. And I’ll never forget her and her sons taking time to show around Jake’s Flat Stanley…. Jake doesn’t have 4H at his school so it was all news to him.

Tales of a Cotton Wife

Tales of a Cotton Wife Facebook pageI met Aussie Bess Gairns, who writes a personal blog on the Cotton Australia site. She gets a lot of content up too! So much cotton content that she has broken it into these categories — Cotton Dictionary, A Cotton Season, Cotton Plants, Careers in Cotton, Cotton Research & Science, Industry News & Events and Other Things Around the Farm. She also is active on her Tales of a Cotton Wife Facebook page.


The Life of a Farm Wife

The Life of a FarmerStephanie Miller in Boaz, Alabama has a great blog called The Life of a Farm Wife. There are quite a few posts about growing cotton on their farm as well as posts about the other crops they grow including another Southern favorite peanuts! To help you get a feel for what they grow, she’ has a farming 101 page that highlights cotton, chicken, peanut and corn production. She also shares stories about all the other things that happen in the family…. birthday parties, building a house and more. They also post to their Miller Farms Facebook page.

Across the Branch

Across the Branch HeaderI’ve been following Ashlee’s blog Across the Branch for a couple of years having had a friend in Georgia flag it for me. She talks about her family and farm — it’s been fun watching the kids grow up. She has a page that links her “best of” posts on a variety of topics but you know my favorite would be about cotton! She has a great cotton elementary section and I have really enjoyed learning about another crop with her watermelon elementary too!

From the Tractor Seat

From the Tractor Seat by Jillian & Jared EtressI first met Jillian when she was a student at Auburn, she was a sweet girl from the farm who had taken her first plane ride to New Orleans for the Beltwide Cotton Conference. A few years later I met her boyfriend Jared as he thought about planting his first cotton crop. Later they began From the Tractor Seat to tell their farm’s story. You’ll see they are too cute and they are excited about agriculture too! There are a good number of posts about the farm, different things they have going on, etc. few posts they have on cotton are all good ones!

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less TraveledGeorgia cotton Farmer Trevor Smith grows cotton, peanuts and watermelons and now and then, puts his thoughts on his blog The Road Less Traveled. I met him on Twitter (he’s @GAFarmer80) and love that he explained his farm saying “My wife is the watermelon expert, being the daughter of a lifelong watermelon grower. She markets all the watermelons herself, last year over 150 semi loads. We are shareholders in Osceola Cotton Co. in Ocilla, GA, and Tifton Quality Peanuts in Tifton, GA. This helps to add additional value to the crops we produce.” on his about the farm page.

The Cotton Wife

Jennifer Warthan, The Cotton WifeDeciding to write a blog post like this I decided I should search for “cotton farm blog” on Google and loved that I found Jennifer Warthan aka The Cotton Wife. Jennifer’s a farm wife in Virginia. The blog is primarily a photography blog — she does some wildly popular photography training sessions! Looking at the families page of her blog you can tell she does beautiful work and that cotton is sometimes a member of the family!

Cotton Content on

cotton 101 montage

I figured showcasing the great cotton content all these other cotton bloggers have, I thought I’d remind you I have quite a bit on here too. 😉 So if you are interested in the way I organize the cotton content here on the blog, there are a few places you can find it. I keep this Cotton 101 series photo on my sidebar so you can always find some of the posts about the basics of cotton. Some of the great folks who share my passion for cotton have written guest posts. And because I like to write cotton content so often, I have a category where all things cotton are posted. I also have a Twitter list of cotton people to follow if you are on that channel.

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