Son of a Witch Doctor Pairs Dad’s Skills with Science for Cotton

Son of a Witch Doctor Pairs Dad’s Skills with Science for Cotton

I have to say, it is unusual for me to listen to a podcast episode and immediately think that not only do I need to tweet out the link, but I need to go the extra mile and write a blog post. In fact, I can’t think of one but Saturday morning Twitter delivered me something unusual and I want to share it with the folks who subscribe to the blog.

As I hopped online, I checked the “in case you missed it” tweets and something from fellow cotton lover Jess Lehmann jumped out. It was this tweet:

Having a shared love of the natural fiber, immediately made me think I should check this out. Besides, I’m always up for learning about Australian cotton, new research on the crop and I wasn’t familiar with Dr. Mensah.

I love that Dr. Mensah talks about growing up in Ghana. The section talking about his father’s role as witch doctor — not a cartoon version you may see on TV but a protector and medicine man for his village — is so compelling!

So, by the time he talks about how he talks about how he pairs his father’s bush skills with the advanced science he has studied…. And how that is helping him narrow down some of the traits in the field to test for….. well, I can only imagine how incredible it is to work in the field with him!

You should be absolutely ready to listen to this episode now so get your headphones on or hit that speaker button once you hit play. I’d love to hear your thoughts too! 🙂

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